Join The Fun! Celebrate National Farmers Market Week!

The Harvest Home Farmers Market in your neighborhood is something to shout about! Our fruits and veggies have been ripened in our farmers' fields, then picked fresh and delivered to your neighborhood. 

That means the produce in our markets: 

  • Has more flavor because everything is ripened in the sun, not in the back of a truck driving across the country. 
  • Is the freshest and best tasting you can get, unless you grow your own. It's packed with the nutrition, vitamins and mineral you want and need.
  • Is HEALTHIER. Local farmers use less pesticides and chemicals to grow their crops! According to the American Farmland Trust, 75% of direct-to-market farmers practice at or above USDA organic standards.

That's definitely something to celebrate, but there's more. When we shop at a farmers market, we're not just feeding our family. We're helping to build healthy communities in the city and the country. Farmers who sell locally create 4 times as many full-time jobs as farmers who sell through commercial outlets. Farmers markets are a way for new young farmers to start small and grow their farms.  People in communities with farmers markets have healthier people because they eat more fruits and veggies. In a recent survey, 90% of the people reported that the amount of locally grown fruits and veggies make a difference in their family's diet.

Where else can you ask a farmer about the food you're buying? Or a neighbor how to cook something differently? Country people and city people come together. Farmers markets are a great way for us to all share our ideas and learn new things about food.


  • Say thanks to a farmer at your local Harvest Home market. 
  • Pick up some extra produce for winter storage.
  • Get a tattoo and enter our contest. Yes, a tattoo. (See details below)

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Help Harvest Home Win The

#LoveMyMarket Instagram Contest!

Here's how it works:

  • Visit your nearest HHFM market and grab a FREE temporary 'I Heart Farmers Markets' tattoo.
  • Take a photo of yourself, a farmer, your children, your puppy, tomatoes - anyone or anything that matters most to you - and make sure you are wearing a 'I Love Farmers Market' tattoo.
  • Post the photo to Instagram with the hashtags #HHFM, #harvesthomemkts and #LoveMyMarket
  • Contest runs from now until 11:59 EST on Aug 31, 2017. 
  • Fun prizes and bragging rights will be awarded to the photographer and market of the winning photos!!! 
  • Winners will be announced Sept 2017.

Check out last year's contest winners and favorites for inspiration!


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