Brooklyn Markets


Coney Island hospital Market

Ocean Parkway between Avenue Z & Shore Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Hours: Fridays 8am-4pm June 14th - Nov. 15th
*Cooking Demonstrations


Kings County Hospital Market

Clarkson Avenue Between E. 37th St & E. 38th St.
Brooklyn NY, 11203
Hours: Wednesdays 8am-4pm
July 10th - Nov 20th
* Cooking Demonstrations




Clinton Hill Market

Lafayette & Waverly Avenues
Brooklyn, New York, 11205
Hours: Tuesdays 8am-4pm
June 18th - Nov. 19th
*Cooking Demonstrations


Brower Park Market

Brooklyn Ave. & Prospect Place
Brooklyn NY, 11213
Hours: Thursdays 8am-4pm
June 20th - Nov. 14th
* Cooking Demonstrations

*Market may be canceled in harsh weather condition.

*All forms of Payment Accepted