Don't Forget The Dairy

It's easy to add a bit more dairy to your diet with the fantastic peak season produce available at our Harvest Home Farmer's Markets! To find a market near you, visit our website!

Fall is approaching. Check out what's in season with these handy lists from the HHFM farmers at Migliorelli Farm - What's in Season in the Fields and What's in Season in the Orchard. Both lists are incredibly helpful and even include a storage and shelf life guide.

Milk, ice cream, yogurt, cheese, kefir, butter and sour cream are some of the foods many people eat from an early age. Whole milk, full fat yogurt and rich cheeses are often put in the bad-for-you diet category aka "in moderation," because it's so hard to give up simple pleasures like ice cream and butter. More studies are finding benefits of eating dairy in addition to being high in calcium, vitamin D and protein.

A big surprise is that when full fat dairy products are consumed in moderation, they may have a positive effect on decreasing incidents of diabetes. Controversial, right?! And, there are more potential benefits not commonly associated with dairy, particularly yogurt, like lowering blood pleasure and cutting the risk of heart disease. A big part is that nutrition dense dairy products have protective fats and make you feel full; so, you eat less and possibly make better food choices.

For some science rich information on the matter, visit the Harvard T.H. Chan: School of Public Health and National Public Radio (NPR).


  • Eggplants are in peak season! Try Eggplant au Gratin, a recipe that includes layers of eggplant with your favorite cheese (in moderation!). It can be served as a main course and it's even better with tomato and onion layered in.
  • Tomatoes are in abundance and oh so sweet. Tomato, basil and mozzarella are a classic combination, drizzled with vinegar and olive oil.
  • An awesome assortment of onions is nearing end of the season. Grilled, sautéed or broiled onions compliment tons of dishes. Try broiled or baked leeks topped with grated Parmesan as a side.

Our markets are overflowing with local farm fresh vegetables. Make sure to visit to us each week as part of your weekly meal planning!

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