For Busy People: Healthy Eating DELICIOUSLY Simplified

Tired of all the confusing do’s and don’ts of healthy eating? Us too.  At Harvest Home, we look for easy ways to eat healthy food that’s also tasty.  Like most of you, we’re busy, so let’s keep it simple.

Think of what you eat in a day or even a week. Half of what you eat should be fruits and veggies…more veggies than fruits.  The other half of what you eat should be divided between healthy protein and grains or other complex carbs.


Simple Steps to Better Eating, 
Better Taste & Better Health


Just “FRESHEN UP” your eating. Make small changes & gradually get healthier.

Step #1

●       Simply change the balance of what you eat. A little less meat & a lot more veggies! (You do have to watch those chips & candy because too much could ruin everything!)

Step #2

●       Cook your own food.  Not only will you save money, but since you’re controlling the ingredients you’ll know exactly what’s in your food.

Step #3

●       Plan your meals before you shop. Look for chicken or fish that’s on special. Get really FRESH veggies & fruit at a Harvest Home farmers’ market in your neighborhood (to find your nearest market click HERE)

Step #4

●       Cut back on packaged foods with hidden “dangers” like lots of sugar & ingredients that are difficult to pronounce.


Harvest Home’s FOOD TALK provides recipes & tips for making tasty food you’ll like a bit healthier. (If it doesn’t taste good, who’d want to eat it?) Do you have a recipe you’d like to see made healthier? Join the conversation & let us know what you think. Just because food is healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!


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