Meet the Farmers


Alex's Tomato Farm

Carlisle, New York

Aleksandr Kravets has been farming with his family since 2000. In the Ukraine, where he comes from, his father bought their first farm in 1983 and farmed commercially with the help of cousins and other family members. After coming to the U.S., the family first rented and then in 2000 bought their present farm in Carlisle, NY. While attending college, Alex helped his father part time and soon was full time in the business.


Alstede Farms

Chester, New Jersey

Alstede Farms is a family owned business located in the town of Chester, New Jersey. We provide quality fruits and vegetables, fresh from the fields to your table since 1982. Our farm uses only sustainable and natural growing methods which uses techniques that are an integral to any good organic farm. We encourage you to experience the warmth that our family brings to provide you with the finest quality fruits and vegetables. 


Caradonna Farms

Marlboro, New York

Caradonna Farms is a fourth generation family grower of sustainable and bio-diverse fruits and vegetables in the Hudson Valley. One of the earlier adopters of direct to the consumer, we have been feeding New Yorkers for over three decades. Caradonna's diversity of fruit and vegetables can be found on many of NYC's five-star restaurant menus! We are happy to join Harvest Home at the Harlem Hospital market every Friday and at 116th and Lenox Ave market every Saturday till Thanksgiving. Please stop by and experience the richness of nature's bounty.

troncillito farm.jpg

Fresh Radish Farms

Goshen, New York

Fresh Radish Farm is a small 9 acre family farm located in the Black Dirt region of Goshen, NY, a 1.5 hour drive from Manhattan. Felix Gonzalez, Fresh Radish's Farmer, grew up farming on his family's farm in Mexico. In 2006, he graduated from the New Farmer Development Projects training course and that same year he started his own farming business, Fresh Radish Farm, something that he never thought possible in the USA.

Honey Brook Farms

Pine Bush, New York

We have been beekeepers in the Hudson Valley since 1968, offering 100% all natural honey and honey bee products. Todd Widmark, the owner of Honey Brook Farms, has been producing bulk honey and honey comb and selling it wholesale for years. We are located in the shadows of the Shawagunk Mountains, minutes from Mohonk Mountain in Pine Bush, NY. Our honey is 100% pure, raw, unprocessed, uncooked, strained only, local honey direct from the beehive to you.

Hostetler's Produce

McClure, Pennsylvania

Hostetler's Produce was founded by Noah Hostetler about five years ago in McClure, Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to growing peaches, corn, watermelon, cucumbers, and other fruits and vegetables during the season. We have sevaral markets around the Bronx such as Jacobi Hospital and North Central Bronx Mareket.

Migliorelli Farms

Tivoli, New York

Migliorelli Farm is a family-run fruit and vegetable farm located in Northern Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley Region of New York. The farm originated in the Bronx in 1933 when Angelo Migliorelli first brought broccoli rabe seeds when he immigrated to New York from the Lazio region of Italy. Migliorelli Farm grows over 130 different varieties of fruits and vegetables, including the same strain of broccoli rabe.

Mimomex Farms

Goshen, New York

Formerly Rodri-Mex, this 16 acre farm is operated by Martin Rodriguez and his family. MimoMex Farm, which is located on 16 acres of the Black Dirt region in Goshen, New York, some 46 miles from North Brooklyn. Nestled within the bosom of the Northeast Appalachian ranges, this series of valleys is a combination of areas with rocky forest land and rich, fertile left over from an ancient glacial lake bottom. It is owned and operated by farmers Martin & Guadencia Rodriguez, natives of Mexico.

Morgiewicz Farms

Goshen, New York

Morgiewicz Produce was established in 1959 in Warwick, NY. Dan Morgiewicz is part of a fourth generation produce farm on the outskirts of Goshen, NY. He brought his two brothers, Joey and David, and his cousin Vince Morgiewicz with him. Our wholesale business is something that we got into this year which has been very beneficial. Morgiewicz Produce is a farm providing a wide variety of vegetables and herbs. Morgiewicz offers root vegetables such as red onions, wild onions, Spanish onions, Vidalia onions and green onions. A variety of peppers, tomatoes, callaloo, celery and papalo are also available.

Nature's Way Farm

Lowman, New York

We are a privately held business and look forward to serving our loyal customers in 2014 as well as welcoming new customers. We are proud to be in our third decade of professional beekeeping. This year with an increase in our hive numbers, the launch of our new online web store at and an increase in the number of our NYC outlets, we hope we have made access to our products and beekeeping knowledge easy for everyone. We deeply appreciate the ongoing support of our farm and will always strive to give you the best products.

Petite Fleury Bakery

Brooklyn, New York

Peitite Fleury Bakery is a traditional neighborhood baker celebrating the craft of Artisan baking. We are located in the Old Mill Basin section of Brooklyn. Petite Fleury Bakery is committed to baking fresh from scratch daily. Our loaves are hand shaped in addition to using a long fermentation process which develops maximum flavor. We allow our breads to develop deeper flavors by utilizing pre-ferments and a long and slow fermentation process. We use natural and organic ingredients and at the end of the day, we donate any unsold baked goods to local charities and soup kitchens.


R & G Produce

Goshen, New York

Raymond and Gary Glowaczewski know all about what it takes to be a farmer in the Black Dirt Region of Pine Island/Goshen, NY. They’ve been farming here all their lives.  After working for the family onion business since they were little boys, they decided to break out on their own and try their hand at growing all types of greens and vegetables. Taking the knowledge they learned from their father and grandfathers, in 1998 R & G Produce, LLC was formed.

S & So Farms

Goshen, New York

Owners Stanley A. Osczepinski and his son, Stanley Jr., founded this sprawling, 250-acre farm located in Goshen, New York, back in the 1960s, cultivating red onions that were so good, they had customers crying for more. Other crops soon followed, and the pair was so successful, they were asked to be one of the first farmers in the NYC Council on the Environment’s “Greenmarket” Program.

Today, S&SO grows a plethora of produce - over 100 different varieties of vegetables, including those beloved red onions - that’s a wonder to behold. They sell asparagus, dried tomatoes, garlic, zucchini, peppers, radishes and tomatoes. We are growers of quality greens!

Starline Cafe

Brooklyn, New York

Some folks call it "artisanal", "farm to counter". It's more basic than that, we call it : A local Farmer's Market, open everyday.

You now have a convenient choice to eat highly nutritious local food from NY farmers that care as much as you do about what your family eats.

Starliner is owned and operated by Isaac Peachin, who was born and raised on a farm in Upstate NY (near Oneonta, NY).  The farm is called Star Route Farm NY and produces all natural, nutritionally rich produce. The market will be featuring our family farm's produce in addition to many other amazing Catskill farms producing vegetables, meat, dairy, poultry, eggs and other packaged goods from Honey and Maple Syrup to cheese and sausage. 

Trapani Farms

Milton, New York

Trapani Farms LLC follows a long tradition of the Trapani family farming in Milton. It is a fourth generation fruit and vegetable farm in the town of Milton, NY. The Trapani family has been farming in Milton since 1923. Ben Trapani’s and his son Scott became partners and formed the LLC. Truly a family farm, everyone pitches in when they are needed. Tim, Ben’s other son, works closely with Scott during his free time. We offer a wide variety of both fruits and vegetables to the public through our home farm stand as well as our many farmers markets. We take great pride in the quality and wide variety of produce we grow.

Terhune Orchards

Princeton, New Jersey

The Terhune Orchards Farm Store is a cozy year-round market filled with of fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh baked pies and other delicious baked goods, flowers and more! Terhune Orchards starts harvesting with the first crop of strawberries in late May. Then June brings cherries (sweet and sour), blueberries, and raspberries. July brings Summer apples and fantastic peaches. Every few days new varieties of peaches and apples are picked, so come often and find something new and different. Of course, July also launches our vegetable harvest — corn, tomato, peppers, fresh herbs, squash — every vegetable you can imagine, picked daily to insure freshness and high-quality! August showcases freestone peaches, perfect for early cooking and preserves.

Beagan Gooth Farms

Glen Head, New York

Young’s Farm was founded in 1892 and our store - Young Farm the Annex - specializes in selling local produce, a variety of home-made fruit pies, including apple, cherry, pumpkin and peach. We supply other baked goods such as cookies, muffins and biscuits. We have a variety of home-made soups, jams and preserves including raspberry, strawberry and peach.

Back to the Future Farms

Westtown, New York

We began in 2012 as a small locally-owned and operated farm dedicated to raising poultry and poultry products that have no added growth hormones or antibiotics. We expanded in 2014 to be the first on-farm dairy processing plant in Orange County, NY in more than 40 years! We milk grass fed, beautiful Jersey Cows. Our Dairy Products are produced locally at Back to the Future Farm, from a small herd of GRASS FED Jersey Cows, owned and operated by Rose, Lee and Joshua Hubbert.

We hand label and bottle each and every product right here on our farm. Thank you for your support of Local Agriculture. We hope you enjoy our product.

Meredith's Bakery

Kingston, New York

Since 1987, Meredith's Bakery has taken pride in producing all-natural and preservative-free baked goods by hand. Family owned and operated, what began as a small bakery made up of only 10 products has quickly grown into a company providing over 180 different items. This includes a full line of gluten-free products made in our own dedicated facility with certified gluten-free ingredients.  We are passionate about maintaining the quality and integrity of our products, as well as supporting the sustainability of New York State agriculture through farmer's markets and local ingredient sourcing.  

All of our products are hand-made using local and regional ingredients when available.  They do not contain any chemicals or preservatives.