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Since establishing Harvest Home in 1993, I have been privileged to witness how a simple idea can lead to such meaningful change in the lives of people who are too often marginalized by their economic circumstances. I have seen grandparents picking out farm-fresh fruits and vegetables as they happily remark on their plans for preparing meals “the old-fashioned way.” I’ve seen the joy and relief on a mother’s face as she realizes that she can purchase healthy food for her family without breaking the bank. I’ve seen the faces of children and teens light up as they discover how fun and easy it is to prepare delicious snacks that are also good for them.

Maritza Owens, Chief Executive Officer

Maritza Owens, Chief Executive Officer

Very often, the term “communities in need” conjures up sad images of people in desperate circumstances. The term “home-cooked meals,” however, evokes happier thoughts and emotions. The desire to nurture our families with delicious food is an act of love. How wonderful it is to be able to do so without undue anxiety over the lack of resources, and to have the same healthy choices at our disposal as anyone else in this great city.

In my 23 years as a public health professional, I have rarely felt more gratified or proud to be part of an organization such as Harvest Home, where our staff and volunteers are doing tremendously beneficial work on behalf of the people we serve. I am also grateful to the farmers, community partners, and elected officials who help us succeed in our mission to improve the health of all New Yorkers through nutrition education and easy access to farm-fresh food.

I hope that you will visit one of our markets soon and see for yourself how, by working together, we are all nurtured and enriched by this experience.

Maritza Owens

Chief Executive Officer

Maritza Owens received her Bachelor of Science degree from Adelphi University.

She has worked at:

 2001 - 2009 Director, Professional Membership- National Kidney Foundation, New York, NY

1999-2000 Director, Community Relations & Government Affairs - North General Hospital, New York, NY

1996-1999 Associate Director, Economic Development - Mid-Bronx Senior Citizens Council Bronx, NY

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