Help Fight Food Inequality


Here’s what a customer recently told us:

“When I have the extra bucks, with the coupons—the paper coupons—I am able to buy fruits more, because I can’t afford fruits. That becomes a thing I sacrifice, but now I can have more of it in my diet. Before, I would just know I could buy maybe two apples. Now, I can buy plums in the summer and things like that, but before I would pass it up. And it would be a treat—a fruit—more than something that I could eat every day—a staple.”  —Eileen Johnson

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In 2018, your  Donation will help to:

·         Increase the number of farmers and the variety of produce in our markets.

·         Expand our markets to new “food deserts.”

·         Support our community outreach to schools, churches and other community organizations.

·         Deliver fresh affordable healthy fruits and vegetables to over 270,000 New Yorkers.

·         Increase distribution of recipes and nutritional information to fight health issues in these communities.


Can Eileenand so many others like hercount on your help to continue to afford fruits through your gift to Harvest Home?


Your tax deductible support will make this dream a reality!